Important Temples in Chennai

Girivalam January 2018December 2018

Pradosham January 2018 - December 2018

says in Her Legendary presentation of cluster of hymns “Kovil illatha ooril kudi irukkathe”
Please don’t reside in a place where there is no temple. The Statement of our forefathers is sacrosanct because the temple indicates that the community is graced by the presence of God and that its Citizens form a moral community. A Community identifies and is identified by others with its temples. It has been our ancient endavour to lead a pious life with full dedication to the services of the Lord.

Sri Paramacharya of Kanchi Mutt has repeatedly called devotees and stressed the importance of taking care of old temples - which requires enormous power of men and money - instead of constructing new temples in cities. As you may be aware, there are thousands of temples in dilapidated condition and requires constant maintenance work to be undertaken.

There are many shiva lingas of ancient temples found under trees and also while digging. In ancient times, these lingas were 'Moolavars' of temples built by several kings. After conquests and devastations by foreign invaders, Indian temples were destructed and the sacred deities were thrown away and many were broken. The left out deities are found later. Of them, some are unidentified.

Those who attempt to construct temples for gods are freed from the sins of a thousand births. Those who think of building a temple in their minds are freed from the sins of a hundred births. Those who contribute to the cause of a temple are bestowed with divine virtues and blessings. Contributing to the renovation of Shiva Temples derive immense benefits according to Thirunelveli Sthala Purana. This holy book further adds that as small as a brick's contribution will earn the Punyam of welcome by Shiva Ganas when we reach there.