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BANK ACCOUNT: "Bank Account(s)"shall mean a bank account maintained by the user with a bank;

ASHRAM ONLINE/COMPANY: “Ashram online/company” shall mean Ashram online.com Limited ,a public limited company having its office at No.29, Mookathal Street, Purasawalkam ,Chennai 600 007. It is neither  providing the service nor selling any product by itself and plays absolutely no direct role in recommendations.

APPLICATION/APP: "Application/App" means Ashram, the platform, the mobile application or the algorithm created, developed, designed and made available by Ashram online.com limited.

Ashram Online/WE: "Ashram Online/WE" shall mean Ashram Online.com Limited, a company under The Companies Act,1956 having its registered office registered office at old No.12, New No.29,Mookathal Street, Purasawalkkam Chennai- 600 007 and shall include its subsidiaries, holding companies or affiliates.

Homam: Homam is a Hindu ritual, performed for a particular deity by invoking Agni - the God of fire.The Sanskrit word Homam is from the root hu, which refers to "pouring into fire, offer, sacrifice".

Homam Materials: The term homam material shall include which are offered/poured into fire during homam ritual, differs homam to homam based on the deity/God.

MOBILE PHONE: "Mobile Phone" shall mean the handset and the SIM card along with the accessories and necessary software for the GSM and CDMA phones, which is owned by the user.

MOBILE PHONE NUMBER: "Mobile Phone Number" shall mean the number specified by the User during registration with Ashram Online or during usage of the Application;

ONLINE STORES: “Online Stores” shall mean Windows Store, Android Google Play, iOS App store or any other online store or portal in whatever nomenclature applicable to such store or portal where the Application will be made available by the Ashram Online to the Users, from time to time.

PERSONAL INFORMATION: "Personal information" shall mean any information about the user provided by the user and obtained by Ashram Online in relation to the application.

Pandit:  Pandit is a Brahmin scholar having knowledge in Hinduism, particularly the Veda, Vedic scriptures, dharma and Hindu philosophy who knows how to perform


SERVICES: "Services" shall mean any service offered or rendered by Ashram Online or its affiliates.

USER ACCOUNT: "User Account" shall mean the registered Application account of the User with Ashram Online for use of the Application and services offered by Ashram Online.

USER DATA: "User Data" shall include any data, information, pattern, behaviour, documents, materials, transactions and location, of the User.

YOU/YOUR/USER:"You/Your/User" shall mean any person who accesses, downloads, installs, utilizes, operates or views the Application or Services offered by Ashram Online.


Ashram Online merely acts as a facilitator for the performance of the Homam by the Pandit for the user as per the requirements of the user. Ashram online does not undertake any other services other than the facilitation of the performance of the Homam by the Pandit.

The following fair disclosures are made by Ashram Online for the defining the relationship between Ashram Online and the pandit , & for limitation of liability:

  1. The Pandit are neither an employee nor an agent of the company and do not constitute as the representatives of the company.
  2. The Pandit acts in his individual capacity for discharge of the obligations for performance of the Homam.
  3. Ashram Online shall establish the identity, qualification, experience and specialization of the Pandit and their veracity in the performance of the Homam
  4. The User agrees that Ashram Online is not liable for any action, liability, cost, claim, loss, damage, proceeding or expense suffered or incurred if directly or indirectly and is caused by any act of the Pandit or ascribed to the Pandit or due to non-performance of any act/obligation by the Pandit.
  5. The User agrees that Ashram Online shall not be held liable for any act or non-performance thereof by the Pandit either before, during or after the performance of the Homam. The liability of Ashram Online, in any event for any injury, damage or loss shall not extend in any case to an amount more than INR 1000/- (Rupees One Thousand Only).
  6. The User understands and agrees that the homam/rituals performed by the pundit are in accordance with the traditions prescribed by vedic rituals and Ashram Online is not responsible for any deviation by the Pandit from such traditions.


The User can order for the materials required for the Homam through the app which will be supplied by the Pandit at the time of performance of the Homam. The consideration of the Homam materials shall collected from the user in addition to the consideration for the services performed by the Pandit and shall be payable by the User.


The consideration shall be paid by the User through the payment gateway provided by Ashram Online subject to such terms and conditions as may be prescribed.